December 10, 2009

Woodsong by Gary Paulsen

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The book Woodsong, is one of Gary Paulsen’s best adventure books. Its about a guy that has done everything; from being a teacher to a heavy equipment operator.  He also wrote books and struggled for money. Then he finds out that he can run a trapline in the mountains of northern Minnesota for money.  However, the only easy way to get through the mountains is by sled dogs.  As he starts to train more and more dogs he starts to feel like this was something he could do for a living. So he trained his dogs hard running them through high mountains and thick woods. Then he starts to think that his dogs are good enough for the eleven-hundred mile race across Alaska, the Iditarod.
I liked the book because I like the outdoors, winter, and the cold. I have read some of
Gary Paulsen’s books before and I think that its his best one yet. It’s a good book for people that like the outdoors and adventure.

Nick, Class of 2011

Woodsong is available in the WHS Library, along with many other Gary Paulsen books.


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