February 2, 2010

Identical by Ellen Hopkins

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Kaeleigh and Raeanne are sixteen year old identical twins their father is a district court judge and their mother is running for Congress.  Their father loves Kaeleigh much more than he loves Raeanne, because of this he has been sexually abusing Kaeleigh since she was nine years old.  There mother isn’t around very much; she stays in Washington a lot.  Raeanne is always trying to find a way to numb the pain of not being daddy’s favorite. She will take anything she can find, pills from her father to wine from their wine cabinet.  Kaeleigh is always trying to find a way to feel something she will do anything from cutting or making herself throw up after a binge.

I liked this book because this could happen to any family, even the district court judges family or the family of a congress woman.  I like the way the Ellen Hopkins writes her books.  I recommend this book to any high school student who is looking to read a very good book with an ending that will blow your mind.

Josh B., Class of 2011

The WHS Library has Identical and many other books by Ellen Hopkins.



  1. Here’s a review from another student:

    Identical by Ellen Hopkins is about Raeanne and Kaeleigh, Raeanne is always craving her dad love and Kaeleigh wants nothing more then to get away from that monster, and be free with the love of her life Ian. Raeanna lives off getting in trouble and taking risk, with drugs and boys it numbs the pain of her home life while her dad is abusing Kaeleigh in several ways and not having a care in the world for what Raeanna does as long as there image is perfect for their mother who is running for congress and is always away is Washington every sense the accident their lives will never be the same Kaeleigh and Raeanna struggle to figure who they really are throughout the book and the stunts they pull will be shocking.
    This book was extremely good, it keeps you on your toes throughout the whole book. It’s a difficult book to read because of some of the things that do go on in the family but overall its great!
    Sam K., Class of 2012

  2. Toni said,

    I loved this book it has a vary unexpected ending I liked it a lot :]

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