April 5, 2010

Lord of the Flies by William Golding

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In retrospect I think spending all that time reading Lord of The Flies wasn’t such a great idea. While a nice little adventures novel by itself, it explains the basics of human psyche, as a bunch of kids are split up on the island, and go off murdering one another. While one of the children Jack, uses human fear and madness to control the rest. Sounds like something outta of a bad movie.

That’s about how the novel goes, and it’ fairly mediocre in the syntax and plot. While there’s a random burst of interest in the book itself, it’s never really gonna keep you reading for prolonged periods of time, unless you have too. While I’ve had some people argue, that the book is deep in meaning, and that nouns in this book are used as metaphors, I don’t buy it, and now a days most people won’t too. (Woot, go South Park for teaching life lessons, welcome to the modern day boys and girls.) People need to stop looking for meaning in this book that’s not there, because in the end books are reviewed by what’s written not by what the reader think is written. To conclude it’s a mediocre book, with a mediocre plot, with a few mediocre subplots, with a mediocre cast, with mediocre syntax, in an amazing setting.

Dmitri R, 2012

The WHS Library owns Lord of the Flies in print, audiobook, and video.


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