April 30, 2010

Parrotfish by Ellen Witlinger

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Angela Katz-McNair is the type of girl who grew up always feeling more like a boy. So when she decides to cut her hair, dress more like a boy, and change her name to Grady, she expects people to not to so surprised. Little does she know how everyone around her will act. Her mother ends up becoming upset, her sister becomes embarrassed to let people know she is related to the “freak of the town.” Grady is all alone, until she ends up making friends with the school nerd, Sebastian, who tells Grady that it is okay to be different than what people are used to. After several things happen at Grady’s school with people harassing him, he begins to make friends with a couple other people, including the girl he grew up with. I enjoyed this book because it really goes inside Grady’s head, and lets you know how he is feeling and what he is thinking. I would recommend this book to anyone who belongs to the GLBTQAI community, it is a real eye-opening book, and it teaches you a lot about how people feel.

Ayla, Class of 2010

The WHS Library owns Parrotfish.


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  1. I also thought it did a good job of showing how Grady felt. I was glad that Grady found people that he could count on and who understood him, including some teachers. I also thought that while not everyone can relate to his particular situation, the feeling of being harassed is one that many people can identify with.

    Ms. Blakemore

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