June 10, 2010

Impulse by Ellen Hopkins

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Impulse is an inspirational book about renewal. It’s about three lives, three broken souls, who attempted the one thing they thought could just make it all go away: suicide. They are sent to a psychiatric hospital called Aspen Springs along side other troubled adolescents . What pushed these people over the edge, so much so that they wanted to take their own lives only they themselves know. But fate has given them a second chance to change things, and its up to them to take it or not.
When I opened up this book, I had a very hard time putting it down. I became intertwined with the book, always curious of what would happen when I turned the page. I felt as though I was a part of the story, like I was there with the characters. Their feelings became my feelings, and I wanted nothing more but for them to be free of their demons. I’d recommend this book to mostly teenagers, because they could be the ones most likely to relate to this novel, but this book is not limited to that age group and I suggest anyone interested in human psychology should read this book.

Taryn, Class of 2011

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