November 29, 2010

Animal Farm by George Orwell

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Written in 1945, Animal Farm is a satire about a farm controlled by animals. They have chased Mr. Jones, the cruel (and usually drunk) farmer, off the farm, and are now running their own affairs. The animals create a system of thought called Animalism, which basically says that anything with four legs is good, and anything with two legs is bad. The pigs, who are the smartest, run the farm. For a time, things go wonderfully. The animals have enough to eat, no one is whipped or killed, and the harvest is successful. However, revolutions are often corrupted by their leaders, as is the case in Animal Farm. This book is an excellent portrayal of how a rebellion can oftentimes make a bad situation worse. In Animal Farm, the animals want better living conditions. However, their leaders, the pigs, end up becoming more and more like humans. This is a classic story of a dystopian society.

Molly D., Class of 2014

WHS owns Animal Farm in print, audio, and video.


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