December 15, 2010

Allen Iverson: Fear No One by John N. Smallwood

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I loved the way this book was set up and the way the author wrote it. He told Iverson’s life story in a great way.

Iverson’s natural athletic talent (he began his high school athletic career as a star quarterback and led his high school to the state football championship his junior year) and his determination allowed him to excel in basketball and be recruited for a basketball scholarship by Georgetown University. His decision to skip his junior and senior years at Georgetown, motivated by his sister’s seizures, becoming a father, and questions of eligibility and questionable gift giving was a difficult one that propelled Iverson into the wild, professional world of the NBA.

This would be a great book for grades 8-12 readers. This book would be good to read in small group situations, reading portions of the book together and discussing issues. Students could identify Iverson’s personal and professional struggles.

– Andrew, Class of 2014

The WHS Library owns this book.


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