January 25, 2011

Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard

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In Rosewood, Pennsylvania four girls by the names of Spencer, Hanna, Aria, and Emily lived. Their friend Ali had died, and they had spent years not talking to each other. They all started to get text messages from an anonymous texter by the name of “A” that was harassing and threatening them. “A” had said she was Ali, but the girls got freaked out because Ali had been dead since they were in seventh grade. While “A” continues to ruin their lives, the girls must try to protect their secrets from their parents and from Rosewood. “A” does some horrible things to them, she makes it so that Hanna, Emily, Spencer and Aria tell on themselves. She threatens them, so they do what she says. The girls try to find ways to catch “A”, and send her to jail, but so far, it hasn’t worked out in their favor. This book is preferably meant for preteen, and teenage girls.

Akwero, Class of 2014

The WHS Library owns the first 5 books of the Pretty Little Liars series.


The Clique: Best Friends for Never by Lisi Harrison

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The Clique is a book based on a rich snobby 7th grade girl named Massie Block. She is the most popular, flawless, and fierce girl attending Octavian Day School along with her three best friends Dylan, Alicia and Kristen by her side. When Massie’s social status gets threatened by Becca Wilder, she decides to throw a boy/girl Halloween costume party that’s going to not only outdo Becca’s, but make it so no one ever questions her social status ever again. Massie’s house guest Claire uses every chance she gets to get close to the infamous Massie Block, desperate to spark a friendship between them. Boy problems, suspension, bets, parties, horrid school uniforms, contests, and utter humiliation is only a brief summary of this amazing book. The Clique series is one of my favorites and I recommend it to anyone, especially girls with similar middle school drama.

Cyvoria, Class of 2014

The WHS Library owns several Clique books, including Best Friends for Never.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon

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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time takes place in the year 1998 in and around the town of Swindon, England.
Christopher John Francis Boone, a 15 year old boy with autism. Christopher believes that his mother is dead, he writes about his mother dying of a heart attack two year before the books events. One night Christopher finds the body of his neighbor’s poodle, Wellington, on the neighbor’s front lawn.


Isaac K., Class of 2014


The WHS Library owns The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time in print and on audio.

The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

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American classic about a young man coming of age? Shoot yeah it is, this is a harrowing tale of a boy surviving his years as a student and a young adult. After being kicked out of almost every private school on the east coast, Holden Caulfield (main character) embarks on a journey home before vacation starts, as not to  disturb his parents and meet up with a few old gals. Along the way he makes some discoveries, drinks a little and smokes a ton. Who is the famous writer known as D.B, how bout Allie and Pheobe? Read this moving book to find out what its like to be a teenager in the late 1940’s and early 50’s and answer all your questions. Doesn’t sound like your kind of book, well too bad there are many reasons in this award-winning novel for everyone to be fond of it.

I found this book a great pick because it was an easy read, lengthy at times. It had a deeper meaning than first thought inside the plot, that was simple to grasp, for me, myself and I.

Matt S., Class of 2014

The WHS Library owns The Catcher in the Rye.

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

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The Notebook takes place in a nursing home. An elderly man is telling a story to an elderly women who had Alzheimer’s. Where he starts off in the story is in a small town called Seabrook, South Carolina. Noah Calhoun had gone to a carnival, which there he met Allie Hamilton.They went out on a date, and since then they were inseparable. But one problem is that Allie comes from a rich family, and is leaving to go to school after the summer. Where Noah comes from an non wealthy family, and works at a lumber mill. One night Noah had taken Allie to an abandoned house, and promised her he would fix the house where they can live together. Allie’s parents are not too impressed with her choice, and forces her not to see him anymore. When Allie moved with her family to go to school, Noah went off to war. Allie had met Lon while he was harmed in battle, and she was his nurse. Later on when Lon’s fractures healed, he asked Allie out on a date. Soon after he asked her to marry her.

While this was all happening Noah was rebuilding the house, and got his picture taken for and article in the paper. Allie saw the article, and decided to visit him. Their love grew stronger than ever after spending a few days with each other, just like when they were teenagers. Allie was torn with the decision of choosing her teen love, Noah, or her fiance, Lon. She gave Lon her word to marry him, but her love for Noah is still there after the summer they spent together. Who will it be? Who is the elderly man and women? You have to read to find it out.

Christina, Class of 2014

The WHS Library owns The Notebook.

January 24, 2011

Sold by Patricia McCormick

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Sold, by Paticia McCormick is a book about a girl named Lakshimi that is thirteen, she lives with her poor family in a village in Nepal. One day all her family’s crops were washed away, which forced her to get a job to support her family. Her stepdad introduced her to a guy that brings her all the way to India. What Lakshimi didn’t know was, her family sold her into prostitution. She is forced to stay there until her family’s debt is payed off. This book is very sad and it really makes you think about all the other people out in the world and what they have to go through everyday. This book makes you very thankful for what you have.

Denise, Class of 2014

The WHS Library owns Sold.

A Girl Named Disaster by Nancy Farmer

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The book A Girl Named Disaster by Nancy Farmer is about an 11 year old girl that lives in a small African village in Mozambique. When her 12th birthday comes around she has to get married to a cruel man that has 3 wives.  Her grandmother encourages her to escape the village to Zimbabwe. When the time comes she steals a man’s boat. The journey should only take about 2 days, instead it takes her many months to reach her destination because of the many problems that she runs into. Even though her mother got eaten by a leopard and her dad passed away, both of their spirits’ help her to get through these troubled times.

This book sends a great message that children should never give up. As long as you believe in what you are doing and believe in yourself  you can do anything.

Emma R., Class of 2014

The WHS Library owns A Girl Named Disaster.

Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

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Hatchet is an exciting book about a boy named Brian (13 years old) whose parents are divorced. While on a trip to visit his father, Brian’s plane crashes in the wilderness, leaving him alone to survive only with the hatchet given to him by his mother. Injured, hungry, and without shelter, Brian must face the darkness of the forest and swarms of insects. How will Brian survive on his own? You will have to read it to find out.

Ryan D., Class of 2014

The WHS Library owns Hatchet in print and on audio.

Cirque du Freak #8 by Darren Shan

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Cirque Du Freak Book 8 was about young half vampire Darren Shan who is traveling the world with 2 other vampires and a little person. In the book Darren was on the search of the Vampaneze Lord. They searched in the city where Mr. Crepsley was born where they found the Lord in the tunnels under the city. The team of vampires had some help by a young school teacher and Darrens old friend from school who grew up to be a vampire hunter. When they found the Vampaneze Lord in the tunnels. Darren noticed a man that used to be his friend from the Cirque Du Freak. Then the Vampire hunter on there team betrayed them, Because he was working for the vampaneze all along. They took him hostage back at there base. Then the cops came to the apartment home that was there base and had it surrounded and accused them of killers. They were arrested and brought them to jail to ask them questions and the book ended there.

Mike K., Class of 2014

If you want to get started with the Cirque du Freak series, the WHS library owns The Vampire’s Assistant and Other Tales from Cirque du Freak.

That Summer by Sarah Dessen

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The book That Summer is about a fifteen year-old girl named Haven. He father has an affair with the ” Weather pet” as the family would call her. Which they end up getting married. Seems that almost everyday Haven is complaining about how she is six feet tall and is still growing! She is just so confused where she fit in anywhere. Before her family life fell apart, Haven had a crush on her sister’s boyfriend, Sumner. Now Sumner is back in her life and charming her, not her sister. Soon in her sister is getting married to a man the haven hates. She just keeps wishing everything was back to normal.
I would say that this book is teen girls. There are many connections that could be made throughout this story. I really enjoyed it myself.

Paige, Class of 2014

The WHS Library owns That Summer.

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