January 7, 2011

The Year I Turned Sixteen by Diane Schwemm

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Turning sixteen is always an exciting event, but what if you have just lost a member of your family as you turn sixteen?  For Rose Walker, this is reality, along with her three younger sisters and mother.  This book, or shall I say series, tells you the stories of Rose, Daisy, Laurel and Lily’s sixteenth birthday, having all a similar wish: Happiness for the family.  What is interesting about this series is how the parts are separated; Each part being a few years away from the next.  Each sister is very different though.  The oldest, Rose, is your average teenage girl, having a love for the preforming arts, such as singing and acting.  Daisy, the second oldest, is the sporty one of the family.  Laurel, the second youngest, is the animal lover.  Lily, being the youngest of the four, is the creative one, sort of having an “out there” fashion sense.  Each of them has a different story.  Recommended MOSTLY for girls (unless some of you guys like “drama-ish themes) you will always be wondering what happens next…

Aidan, Class of 2014


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  1. Here is another review by Kelsey D., Class of 2014:

    The book The Year I turned Sixteen is about four sisters: Rose, Daisy, Laurel and Lily. Their father just died and they are all trying to figure out their future. Rose dreams of becoming a singer, but her oldest sister starts to hold her back, she ends up facing an impossible decision. Daisy is liking a boy with a dangerous side to him and starts to go away from the people who care about her most. She is sick of being the good sister. Laurel is dealing with the loss of someone close, but a new love is just what she thinks she needs. With all of Lily’s sisters figuring out their future, Lily feels lost out in the world. For the first time Lily has to figure out who she is all on her own. No help from her sisters or anything. The year all of the sisters turn sixteen is the biggest year of their lives. The biggest change in the bond between them……

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