January 20, 2011

Heat by Michael Lupica

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Heat is a book about a twelve year old boy named Michael from Cuba.  His dream it to pitch in the Little League World Series.  Michael can throw 80 miles per hour.  When he is questioned for his birth certificate he has no way to come up with it.  His mother died from cancer at a young age and his father died from a heart attack. Whenever his coach asked where his dad it Michael lies and says hes taking care of his uncle in Florida.  Michael and his brother Carlos are living in an apartment trying to keep their secret save until Carlos is 18.  If child services finds out that they are living alone they could be sent back to Cuba.  When an opposing coach makes a petition to get Michael kicked out of the league, he has nothing to show that he is really twelve.  Michael’s idol is the New York Yankees pitcher El Grande. El Grande  has a daughter who has been watching Michaels baseball games.  Michael experiences his first real crush on her.  Once El Grande hears about Michael and his situation he gets in contact with people back in Cuba to find his birth certificate. Michael’s team ends up making it to the championship game and he finally gets to see Yankees Stadium.

Ryan G., Class of 2014

The WHS Library owns Heat in audio.



  1. jashiraa said,

    i think this is realy good

  2. Here’s another review from Kaleb, class of 2014:

    This book is about a boy named Michael. Michael is twelve years old and lives at home with his brother Carlos. His favorite teem is the New York Yankees, and the only chance he will ever get to see the inside of their stadium is by leading his little league team to the world series. His only problem is he’s twelve with out a mother, father, or a birth certificate, so no body believes him.

    I like this book mostly because my favorite sport is baseball. I also like this book because Mike Lupica is my favorite author and I have read almost all of his books.

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