January 25, 2011

The Clique: Best Friends for Never by Lisi Harrison

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The Clique is a book based on a rich snobby 7th grade girl named Massie Block. She is the most popular, flawless, and fierce girl attending Octavian Day School along with her three best friends Dylan, Alicia and Kristen by her side. When Massie’s social status gets threatened by Becca Wilder, she decides to throw a boy/girl Halloween costume party that’s going to not only outdo Becca’s, but make it so no one ever questions her social status ever again. Massie’s house guest Claire uses every chance she gets to get close to the infamous Massie Block, desperate to spark a friendship between them. Boy problems, suspension, bets, parties, horrid school uniforms, contests, and utter humiliation is only a brief summary of this amazing book. The Clique series is one of my favorites and I recommend it to anyone, especially girls with similar middle school drama.

Cyvoria, Class of 2014

The WHS Library owns several Clique books, including Best Friends for Never.


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