January 25, 2011

The Clique: Best Friends for Never by Lisi Harrison

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The Clique is a book based on a rich snobby 7th grade girl named Massie Block. She is the most popular, flawless, and fierce girl attending Octavian Day School along with her three best friends Dylan, Alicia and Kristen by her side. When Massie’s social status gets threatened by Becca Wilder, she decides to throw a boy/girl Halloween costume party that’s going to not only outdo Becca’s, but make it so no one ever questions her social status ever again. Massie’s house guest Claire uses every chance she gets to get close to the infamous Massie Block, desperate to spark a friendship between them. Boy problems, suspension, bets, parties, horrid school uniforms, contests, and utter humiliation is only a brief summary of this amazing book. The Clique series is one of my favorites and I recommend it to anyone, especially girls with similar middle school drama.

Cyvoria, Class of 2014

The WHS Library owns several Clique books, including Best Friends for Never.


December 2, 2010

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment by James Patterson

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This is a great book. I loved it. This book will capture you from page 1. I thought this book to be a page turner. The plot really grasped me. The plot is: kids, that range in age from 6-17, were taken at birth from their parents and were infused with Avian (bird) DNA. This enabled them to have retractable wings. They all have secret hidden powers/abilities waiting to be unleashed. Years after escaping from an institute, Wolf-Human Hybrids are sent off to find them and kill them. These Wolf-Human Hybrids are called Erasers. When their home is threatened what will they do? They set off to find out about themselves. Can these Avian-Human Hybrids overcome drastic obstacles and find out who they really are, while being hunted and tracked everywhere they go? Will they figure out how to unite even more than before? Will they figure out their powers when they are most needed? Read the book to find out. I will tell you it is a quick, quick read. Don’t let the size of the novel scare you. So visit the library today and check out a copy. You’ll be glad you did!

Najee, Class of 2014

The WHS Library owns several books in the Maximum Ride series.


February 2, 2010

Identical by Ellen Hopkins

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Kaeleigh and Raeanne are sixteen year old identical twins their father is a district court judge and their mother is running for Congress.  Their father loves Kaeleigh much more than he loves Raeanne, because of this he has been sexually abusing Kaeleigh since she was nine years old.  There mother isn’t around very much; she stays in Washington a lot.  Raeanne is always trying to find a way to numb the pain of not being daddy’s favorite. She will take anything she can find, pills from her father to wine from their wine cabinet.  Kaeleigh is always trying to find a way to feel something she will do anything from cutting or making herself throw up after a binge.

I liked this book because this could happen to any family, even the district court judges family or the family of a congress woman.  I like the way the Ellen Hopkins writes her books.  I recommend this book to any high school student who is looking to read a very good book with an ending that will blow your mind.

Josh B., Class of 2011

The WHS Library has Identical and many other books by Ellen Hopkins.

January 19, 2010

Macbeth by William Shakespeare

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Macbeth is one of William Shakespeare’s most popular and best plays.  It is about a power-hungry man named Macbeth that kills a well-loved king to take his title.

When Macbeth gets nervous about people finding out he begins to kill anyone who might know.  He can trust no one and best friends become enemies.  He gets too deep in, must keep killing, and he can’t turn back.

When an apparition tells Macbeth that no man born of woman can kill him, he gets boastful and believes that nothing can stop him.  He sends out to murderers to kill friends and innocent families, and when people start to think that Macbeth killed King Duncan they go to kill Macbeth. HE believes that he is unstoppable until the future that the witches and apparitions begin to unfold.

There are murders, witches, and plenty of twists in every act of the play.Macbeth was an exciting and well-written play that was written by William Shakespeare so it is obviously a great read.

Dylan, Class of 2012

November 16, 2009

The Road by Cormac McCarthy

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AP seniors respond to this Pulitzer-prize winning bestseller.

November 12, 2009

Selected Short Stories

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short-stories_webA baker’s dozen-worth of student reviews: covering short stories from Borges, Marquez, Singer, Oates, Moore, O’Brien, Joyce (2), Mansfield, Jackson, and Munro.

November 11, 2009

The Stranger by Albert Camus

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blog1The final novel in the “Men are Monsters” senior English unit, this existential tale offers perhaps the most human, and most monstrous, character so far – Meursault.

November 9, 2009

The Woods by Harlan Coben

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The Woods, by Harlan Coben is a great thriller that is very different from his Myron Bolitar series.  The Woods is about a boy named Paul Copeland, who lost his sister when he was a regular teenager at a summer camp.  His sister is one of four campers who is lost in the woods and are never heard from again.  Until, twenty years later the full grown corpse is found of one of the missing teenagers from that night.  When this corpse is found Paul Copeland begins wondering if his sister is still alive.

Copeland ends up investigating and finding out more information than he needed or even wanted to know.  What he knows about the night that the four teenagers were last heard from could get him killed.  He ends up finding hurtful and surprising news about family and loved ones that leaves everyone in shock.

thewoodsThis novel is a great thriller for teenagers to adults.  The book is filled with suspense and twists that make the reader never want to put the book down.  This book is a great overall thriller for anyone who loves books.  It is really well written by a best selling author, and perfect for any young adult.

Dylan, Sophomore

WHS Library owns other books by Harlan Coben. Check our catalog!

The Woods is available through Interlibrary Loan. Ask us how in the library!

April 8, 2008

Book Posters in the Library!

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Thank you to Mrs. Sbardella’s classes for all of these great reviews. Many students also made posters about books, and we have these on display down in the library. Come by and take a look!