January 11, 2011

Tupac Shakur: The Life and Times of an American Icon

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As i grew up i became very interested in this one person. That person’s name is Tupac. His birth name was Lesane Parish Crooks and his mom changed his name to Tupac after the Incans. Tupac is an American legend who changed the life of hip-hop and created songs with lyrics that expressed all the bad done in the projects and ghettos. Tupac was born in a very bad area, he was always out getting drugs for his mom and hustling on the streets. When Tupac wasn’t doing this he would write poetry about what has happened to him throughout his life. Tupac had a thory that “Thug Life” meant that all those who had nothing could still suceed even if there are obstacles in the way you can still make it. Now a-days everybody knows of and misses this American Legend.
R.I.P. Tupac Shakur

Alex J., Class of 2014

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December 15, 2010

Allen Iverson: Fear No One by John N. Smallwood

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I loved the way this book was set up and the way the author wrote it. He told Iverson’s life story in a great way.

Iverson’s natural athletic talent (he began his high school athletic career as a star quarterback and led his high school to the state football championship his junior year) and his determination allowed him to excel in basketball and be recruited for a basketball scholarship by Georgetown University. His decision to skip his junior and senior years at Georgetown, motivated by his sister’s seizures, becoming a father, and questions of eligibility and questionable gift giving was a difficult one that propelled Iverson into the wild, professional world of the NBA.

This would be a great book for grades 8-12 readers. This book would be good to read in small group situations, reading portions of the book together and discussing issues. Students could identify Iverson’s personal and professional struggles.

– Andrew, Class of 2014

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April 8, 2010

Bob Marley: A Lyrical Genius by Kwame Dawes

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Bob Marley: A Lyrical Genius by Kwame Dawes is a unique biography about the  Reggae legend Bob Marley.  Unlike other biographies it is not just a time line of Marley’s life, the novel describes what the lyrics meant, why Marley used those lyrics, and how they affected his surroundings at that time.  Since Bob Marley’s song writing skills were so good, but he seemed like any other Jamaican Rastafarian to anyone him in person, there were rumors that said someone else wrote his songs for him.  Since his songs are sometimes hard to understand due to his accent, or seem random since they are sometimes about birds on doorsteps, it is interesting to read why he chose those certain lyrics at that time.    Bob Marley wrote songs about religion, politics, love, and black activism.  This book has a great description of his most influential songs.  One will not know why Bob Marley is considered a lyrical genius, until they read this book.  This is a must read for any fan of Reggae music!

Dylan, Class of 2012
If you want to read more about Bob Marley, try Every Little Thing Gonna be Alright by Han Bordowitz.

January 19, 2010

Becoming Manny by Jean Rhodes and Shawn Boburg

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Becoming Manny is the incredible story behind one of the greatest baseball sluggers of all time. Manny Ramirez ranks seventeenth in career home runs and eighth in career slugging percentage.  Becoming Manny examines Manny’s life through the lens of larger issues such as mentoring and immigration, while also telling the story of a great career. Manny has excited the baseball world for years now with his amazing hitting and his “weird” approach to life and to the game.  This book is a really good book because it tells the story of Manny’s life.  I am a Red Sox fan and I think that this book is a good read for any sports fan.  This is probably the second fastest book I have ever read.  It tells about Manny growing up and going from the Dominican to New York as a kid .  It tells about him being drafted by the Indians and his career with the Sox and then leading up all the way to LA.  He has had a few people in his life to look up to but he does not really trust a lot of people he said and surprisingly his parents rarely ever went to any of his games.  If anyone likes baseball I would recommend reading this book

Anthony, Class of 2011

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