January 7, 2011

Crank by Ellen Hopkins

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Kristina is the child every parent wants , good behavior , good grades , and shes pretty. Shes a high school junior. Over the summer Kristina decides she wants to see her father who lives in Mexico. While she’s there, Kristina meets a boy. He gives her a strange feeling that’s no boy has ever made her feel before. His names Adam. They click fast and get more serious with each other. Adam has a wild crazy , daring , and funny side. Kristina doesn’t. So she changes her name to Bree as well as her personality. So Adam only knows her as Bree the exotic girl that he’s been looking for. Adam introduces crank to Bree, not Kristina who would not ever even think about Crank. But being the dare devil Bree has always been, she does it. Before they knew it summers over and Kristina is heading back to Nevada, carrying with her Bree and the addiction to Crank. Wonder what extremes they’ll bring her. This is a book you shouldn’t miss out on.

Brianna, Class of 2014

Crank is a very popular book at WHS. We have it in print and on audio. You can also read another review here.


Lock & Key by Sarah Dessen

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Lock & Key is about a young teenage girl named Ruby. Ruby’s mom was always on the move or with a new guy, but one day her mom went to work and didn’t come back. Ruby was left alone for weeks before the landlords came to check on how they were settling in. Now Ruby is forced to live with her sister Cora, whom she hasn’t seen since she left for college.
This book is mainly about trying to find yourself in a new way. I would recommend this book to anyone who is having a hard time in their life, and this book will help you see that it’ll all be okay in the end.

Kaitlynne, Class of 2014

The WHS Library owns Lock & Key.

January 6, 2011

Glass by Ellen Hopkins

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The book Glass is an amazing book. It is one of those books you feel like you can’t put down. The book drags you into the story of Kristina’s life and her drug addictions. You would really enjoy this book if you are into realistic books. The story is about a girl named Kristina who has two different sides. One side of her is Kristina and the other side of her is Bree. Kristina is the good side, the side that wants to be a good mother and wants to make enough money to take care of her son, Hunter. Bree is the bad side, the side that wants to get high all the time to make herself feel better, the side that wants to just hangout with friends and smoke crystal meth no matter how much it costs. She is using the money she would spend on her own son for drugs. That’s how addicted the side of Bree is to drugs. Kristina is having a hard time deciding how she wants to live her life. Her mother had already taken her son Hunter from her because of her drug problems. Her mot!her had even kicked Kristina out of the house.
Kristina knows she wants to stay clean for her son and wants to change her life around, but the question is; will she change her life around? Or is she just too addicted to drugs to have the strength to? You’ll have to read it to find out! 🙂

– Kelsey, Class of 2014

The WHS Library owns Glass and many other books by Ellen Hopkins.

March 19, 2010

Tyrell by Coe Booth

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Tyrell is one those books that when you start reading you won’t be able to put it down. It start with Tyrell and his family losing everything and basically being homeless living in a broken down hotel full of roaches and it’s up to him to get his family out of there, so what is he going to do and plus he definitely not selling no drugs.
I like this book because it kept me in it and because it’s about how hard homeless life is and how hard it is for a single mother to raise her children in a homeless lifestyle.
I recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn how other people who are in a difficult times survive.

Tyrell is avialble in WHS Library.

February 2, 2010

Identical by Ellen Hopkins

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Kaeleigh and Raeanne are sixteen year old identical twins their father is a district court judge and their mother is running for Congress.  Their father loves Kaeleigh much more than he loves Raeanne, because of this he has been sexually abusing Kaeleigh since she was nine years old.  There mother isn’t around very much; she stays in Washington a lot.  Raeanne is always trying to find a way to numb the pain of not being daddy’s favorite. She will take anything she can find, pills from her father to wine from their wine cabinet.  Kaeleigh is always trying to find a way to feel something she will do anything from cutting or making herself throw up after a binge.

I liked this book because this could happen to any family, even the district court judges family or the family of a congress woman.  I like the way the Ellen Hopkins writes her books.  I recommend this book to any high school student who is looking to read a very good book with an ending that will blow your mind.

Josh B., Class of 2011

The WHS Library has Identical and many other books by Ellen Hopkins.

December 16, 2009

Go Ask Alice

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The book called Go Ask Alice is a biography about a girl named Alice. Alice comes from a really good family, she wrote this book in a diary form about her life. No one knows who wrote it because its anonymous. In her diary she talks about her life and the problems she deals with growing up such as drugs and trying to live on her own. What i liked about this book is it was very interesting and not boring. I also liked how it was a true story about someone’s life. I recommend this book to any teen who likes a good read.

Brandi, Class of 2011

December 8, 2009

Crank by Ellen Hopkins

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Crank, by Ellen Hopkins is a great book that can describe a lot of teenagers addictions to different drugs and what happens to them.  The story starts out with the main character Kristina going to visit her father at his house in Albuquerque and before she goes her mom says to her “don’t get into any bad habits Kristina”.  Both Kristina and her mother know that her dad does drugs.  Within the first four or five days of being there Kristina found her “love” and got addicted to nicotine and even worse she got addicted to meth.  Kristina only stayed at her dads for a week or two then she goes back to her mothers in Reno.  She starts looking for meth to buy from people and she meets the one boy named Brendan and all he wants from Kristina is sex and the other boy named Chase, Chase loves Kristina and Kristina loves Chase.  Kristina’s problems are not over yet you will have to read the book to find out what happens.

I thought this was a really good book.  What happens in this book is possible to happen to any average school kid.  You can get hooked on any type of drug within a week all you have to do is give your life up to a drug.  This is a good book for high school students like people 15 years of age and up.

Josh B., Class of 2010

Crank is available in the WHS Library.

The Boxer and the Spy by Robert B. Parker

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The Boxer and the Spy centers around the death of a high school student, that is blamed on steroid use. Terry, a 15 year old that is training to become a boxer, and his girlfriend Abby, don’t believe that Jason was the type that would use steroids. Together they try to sort fact from fiction and unravel the mystery surrounding Jason’s death.

I didn’t really care for this book. This is only Robert B. Parker’s second book for young readers and it shows. It feels as if he is trying too hard to appeal for younger people.

I would recommend this book to freshmen and younger sophomores who enjoy mystery series like the Hardy Boys or the Boxcar Children.

Bobby, Class of 2010

The Boxer and the Spy is available in the WHS Library.

December 7, 2009

Street Pharm by Allison Van Diepen

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The book street pharm was about a 17 year old New York City boy who inherited his father’s drug dealing business. He loves making easy money. However a problem arises when another dealer tries to take over his turf. Many things happened including school trouble, getting shot, and his girlfriend leaving him. You will have to read the book to know the rest.

I really like the book because it’s about drug dealing which is a big problem especially in a big city. I also like it because it kept me wondering what was going to happen next.

This book would be a good book for anyone who is interested in learning about how inner city kids have to deal with the many problems caused by drugs in a big city.

Amah, Class of 2010

Street Pharm is available in the WHS Library.

April 30, 2008


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Crank by Ellen Hopkins is about a fifteen year old girl who becomes addicted to the drug crank. Kristina goes from a straight A student to a drug addict. She creates a new personality and calls herself Bree. Her life changes as she struggles to keep up with school and her friends. Crank or ‘the monster’ starts to take over her life.


Olivia, Freshman

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