May 5, 2010

It by Stephen King

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Stephen Kings IT is a great book and i would recommend this book to anyone who likes a long story.
The book isnt “scary” its long and excellent, but the movie isnt as good as the book but i still own the duluxe version.
i think everybody should read this book and watch the movie.
the beginning is a little slow but its worth it.

Roger B., Class of 2013

The WHS Library owns this book.

December 11, 2009

Horowitz HORROR by Anthony Horowitz

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The book Horowitz HORROR is a horror book that has nine different stories in it. Each one keeps you wondering what the next one will be like. Like  for example, “Night Bus” a story about two boys who are trying to head home from a costume party. So they take an old fashion bus. As they get on a really old guy asks where they would like to go? The boys tell him and he starts to head out but keeps stopping cemeteries and morgues. More things like this happen that you will have to find out for yourself.

I have to say it is an good book to read when your bored or if you just love scary stories. I like how the author uses different locations, names, and storylines for every story.

Brad M., Class of 2011

Horowitz Horror is available from the WHS Library.