January 6, 2011

Sea Legs by Alex Shearer

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Two eleven year old twins Stanley, and Eric stowaway on a boat with their father… without him knowing. They are supposed to be with their granddad and gran. They think that father knows all about it but really he is the only one who doesn’t. They stowaway on the cruise because they miss him too much when he takes his yearly cruise trip for his job. Their “mum” left all of them long ago so she has no idea they are on the boat either. The twins are forced to stay in a storage cabin, and few workers know about the stowaways. The few workers who now of the stowaway twins help them out. For the first two weeks on the boat the twins have a lot of fun eating free food, making friends, talking to old woman, also spying on their dad serving people. Eric the younger twin by five minutes, being a lair, told people his dad was the captain. Making unnecessary difficulties staying on the “down low”. They have a nice time until pirates come aboard and make everyone take everything out of their cabins and leave it in a bag outside of their doors. When the pirates think it feels light, they search the rooms for extra money or jewels. But then Stanley and Eric save the day by making the pirates get off the ship and giving all the jewels and money back to the owners. I would recommend it to people who have time to read, because it is a long book, and took me almost since the beginning of the school year.

Marty M., Class of 2014


February 9, 2010

Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan

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I know Greek mythology sounds boring but the first book of the Percy Jackson series opens a whole knew series of fun excitement. This book along with its sequels are all excellent books written by the cunning author Rick Riordan and the series leaves you dying for more if you like the Harry Potter series you will probably like this series also. I did not think i would like this book until I opened it and started reading it. These are very humorous adventure I love all of them. You should start reading them too.

Arianna, Class of 2013

November 5, 2009

TMI by Sarah Quigley

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TMIOk, so Becca has this huge problem of over-sharing. She speaks EVERYTHING that is on her mind, which she didn’t realize was such a bad thing until she experienced some of the biggest mistakes of her life so far, can she stop this problem of babbling to anyone that would listen?

Lucky for Becca, she has a best friend, Katie, who has been through all the TMI—to much information moments that Becca has shared with her. Becca has a load of embarrassing moments that the “popular group” remind her of everyday. So in addition to her one friend, Becca comes across the “new kid” which totally looks like a rocker in the future, he immediately becomes part of the group, but he also has a secret of his own.

So this book definitely shares information that you really did not need to know and it would have been fine if you just didn’t hear it (or read it.) I love how the character Becca just goes all out and explains everything in detail and you can probably expect to laugh at her stories, moments, and life.

In the end Becca realizes that she needs boundaries. She concludes that she can hurt a lot of the people that she loves and it takes more than saying sorry to get them back. This book portrays the strength of friendship, trust, boundaries, and to learn to let go.

Age Recommendation: Grades 10+
Release Date:2009
Publisher: Dutton Children’s Books
Rating: 5 Stars

Daria, Sophomore

TMI is in the WHS Library!