May 7, 2010

Friday Night Lights by H.G. Brissinger

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This book is about a small town and their football team. The team just hired a black coach with very few black players. The coach has a divided team and has to unite them. He takes them up to a camp where they have to learn to work together.When they come back they are no longer accepted and have to win to get the town back on their side and have to learn to accept the whole team.


The WHS Library owns Friday Night Lights.


May 6, 2010

The Assist by Neil Swidey

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the assist was a really good book and it really motivated me to try hard in all I do. I am fortunate I do not live in a place like these kids grew up in. It is a story about high school boys that deal with their problems on the court and off the court in their ghetto neighborhoods.

Kevin G., Class of 2013

Visit The Assist website.

April 8, 2010

Bob Marley: A Lyrical Genius by Kwame Dawes

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Bob Marley: A Lyrical Genius by Kwame Dawes is a unique biography about the  Reggae legend Bob Marley.  Unlike other biographies it is not just a time line of Marley’s life, the novel describes what the lyrics meant, why Marley used those lyrics, and how they affected his surroundings at that time.  Since Bob Marley’s song writing skills were so good, but he seemed like any other Jamaican Rastafarian to anyone him in person, there were rumors that said someone else wrote his songs for him.  Since his songs are sometimes hard to understand due to his accent, or seem random since they are sometimes about birds on doorsteps, it is interesting to read why he chose those certain lyrics at that time.    Bob Marley wrote songs about religion, politics, love, and black activism.  This book has a great description of his most influential songs.  One will not know why Bob Marley is considered a lyrical genius, until they read this book.  This is a must read for any fan of Reggae music!

Dylan, Class of 2012
If you want to read more about Bob Marley, try Every Little Thing Gonna be Alright by Han Bordowitz.

January 19, 2010

Becoming Manny by Jean Rhodes and Shawn Boburg

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Becoming Manny is the incredible story behind one of the greatest baseball sluggers of all time. Manny Ramirez ranks seventeenth in career home runs and eighth in career slugging percentage.  Becoming Manny examines Manny’s life through the lens of larger issues such as mentoring and immigration, while also telling the story of a great career. Manny has excited the baseball world for years now with his amazing hitting and his “weird” approach to life and to the game.  This book is a really good book because it tells the story of Manny’s life.  I am a Red Sox fan and I think that this book is a good read for any sports fan.  This is probably the second fastest book I have ever read.  It tells about Manny growing up and going from the Dominican to New York as a kid .  It tells about him being drafted by the Indians and his career with the Sox and then leading up all the way to LA.  He has had a few people in his life to look up to but he does not really trust a lot of people he said and surprisingly his parents rarely ever went to any of his games.  If anyone likes baseball I would recommend reading this book

Anthony, Class of 2011

Becoming Manny is available in the WHS Library.

December 10, 2009

Alexander Dolgun’s Story, by Alexander Dolgun with Patrick Watson

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During a walk one day in Moscow, New York City born twenty-two year old employee of the American Embassy in Moscow, Alexander Dolgun, was kidnapped and taken to the Lubyanka prison. This was the headquarters of the MGB, a Russian secret police organization. Initially, at first he thought he had a great story to tell having seen the inside of such a famous place. He knew he hadn’t committed a crime and was unafraid, even a little bit excited. But it wasn’t long before he was imprisoned, interrogated, tortured, and sentenced under the Soviet Criminal Code for: espionage, political terrorism, anti-Soviet propaganda.  He was imprisoned in a forced labor camp. The book tells the tail of his imprisonment.

I really liked this book because it was a true story and it was a very interested read. This book truly emphasizes what a true believer is, which really pulled me into it.

Dimtri, Class of 2010

Alexander Dolgun’s Story is available through inter-library loan.

November 10, 2009

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

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frederick_douglass1The true story of a slave who escaped to freedom, written in the 1st person.

April 30, 2008

The Long Walk

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The Long Walk By Slavomir Rawicz

The Long WalkA young Polish officer named Slavomir Rawicz is captured and taken prisoner by Russians invading Poland. He is sentenced to life in prison for espianaus and brought to labor camp called Yakutsk hundreds of miles away. Slav becomes friends with a couple of his fellow prisoners and then they escape from the camp and trek into the Siberian wasteland in the middle of winter. Their goal is to reach India where they hope to find a way to freedom and safety which is thousands of miles away. They have to go through some of the most remote and inhospitable land on earth; through Siberia and Mongolia then onto the Gobi Desert through the Himalayas and part of China and then to India. All records of these events have been destroyed by the Russian government. If you like adventure and non-fiction books you should read this book.

Jarrick, Freshman

April 7, 2008

In My Hands

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In My Hands: Memories of a Holocaust Rescuer by Irene Opdyke

In My Hands is an autobiography by Irene Opdyke. The Opdykes are living in their town of Kozience, Poland peacefully. Fear is spreading by newspapers announcing the superior army power of Germany. All is safe for the people of Poland. Everyone knew that if either one of the countries made an act of war, the other wold counteract. This made all of the people of Europe feel safe until Germany and Russia made peace. Almost immediately, the horror from within the borders of Germany unleashes into Poland’s unprepared borders.

In My Hands cover

This autobiography is about the entire journey that Irene must undertake. A simple Polish girl must quickly adapt into a Polish freedom fighter. Her difficult journey as a freedom fighter against the overwhelming occupation are obstacles that Irene must push aside to stay alive in Poland. When the Germans attack Poland, she is scattered from her family and is forced to work as a nurse in a German hospital. She escapes from place to place and the only thing that conceals her Polish heritage is her German name. Even being of German heritage, she must entertain the suspicious officers as she helps Jews escape behind their backs. This thrilling setting puts the reader into the horror of war and the lives of the patriots who risked their lives against overwhelming odds. This book brings you into Irene’s world of danger and shows how dangerous living in an occupied country can really be. The courage, loyalty, and survival make this book a must read.

Theodore, Sophomore