April 30, 2008

The It Girl

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The It Girl created by Cecily Von Ziegesar

It Girl
A sophomore names Jenny Humphrey gets sent to boarding school because she got kicked out of her private school in New York. She isn’t one of the rich kids at boarding school and so she has to try her best to fit in. Also she changes herself from the timid old Jenny to the new daring outgoing Jenny. At boarding school she gets roomed with two cool junior girls and does everything she can to become cool and popular. She steals one of the girls boyfriends and at a pep rally she amazes everyone by doing a totally embarassing cheer that the girls set up to be a prank on her but she over did them. The two girls used to be best friends with a girl that used to go to Waverly, the boarding school but she got kicked out. A little ways into this school year she comes back and does not like Jenny. This girl names Tinsley is beautiful and very mean, she gets what she wants and rules everyone. Since Jenny stole Callie’s boyfriend, one of her roommates, Tinsley and Callie plan to get Jenny kicked out of this school too.

Emily, Freshman