April 30, 2008

A Million Little Pieces

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A Million Little Pieces by James Frey

Frey and Oprah
A Million Little Pieces is a story about James Frey’s six week rehab experience. When he was twenty three he woke up on a plane and found that his four front teeth were knocked out, he had a hole in his cheek, and his nose was broken. He didn’t know where he was headed or what had happened before then. James Frey was an alcoholic for ten years and a crack addict for three. His family checked him into a rehab center after the plane landed. He soon found out that he could either quit his addictions or died before he reached age twenty four. Along the way James meets many different people, though he decides not to make friends. He had to have caps put in for teeth, filled cavities, and have root canals all while he was given nothing to numb the pain. He clings to a Babar book, it comforts him. All James wants to do is go get drunk and fill himself with anything. Rehab is a long and hard road.Despite the controversy with Oprah, James Frey did an amazing job writing this story. Though all of it may not be true, a lot is. What a compelling story it is.

Maura, Freshman