April 2, 2010

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

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Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles is about Brittany Ellis who seems to have just about everything in life, she is a senior at  Fair Field high school and too all the students who attend Fair Field she is completely flawless, and thats just what she wants them to think. Until she  is forced to be lab partners with a South Sider Alex Fuentes, a Mexican bad boy who turns her world upside down. Brittany starts to break every rule she has every set for herself to hide the things she deals with at home with her mother expecting her to always be better then she is and wanting the perfect daughter, and trying to help her sister when her parents won’t. Brittany eventually realizes the more important things in life and soon enough gives Alex a chance that was well worth it. Alex can never be tied down after he’s past relationship but he falls hard for Brittany, scared of what could happen when they both live such different lives she is from the North side of Fair Field and him being from the South side Alex. The stereotyping can becomes to much to handle with both futures at risk, and Alex’s blood gang tearing them apart.

I loved this book, it kept me interested throughout the whole thing. It shows the exact stereotyping that kids really do at high school, and how it can completely effect who you hang out with and who you will be seen with. I highly recommend it!

Sam K, class of 2012

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December 10, 2009

Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson

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Wintergirls is about two girls, one is anorexic (Lia) and the other is bulimic (Cassie).  The two girls have a competition as to who can be the skinniest.  Cassie is found dead in a nearby motel. Even after her friend’s death  Lia still wants to be skinnier. Lia was down to 89 pounds and tries to hide it from all of her family members by wearing many layers of clothes.  Lia only has 200 calories a day; even less sometimes. The book reveals how she eventually gets help for her disorder.

I liked this book a lot because it really feels like a true story . You want to keep reading it to find out what happens next. I would recommend this book to a lot of people because it is almost like a murder mystery.  I think the author is great.  She also has written many other books of this type such as Speak and Twisted.

Vanessa, Class of 2011

Wintergirls, and many more Laurie Halse Anderson books are available in the WHS Library

April 30, 2008

Exit Here

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Exit Here by Jason Myers

Exit HereThis book is about a college student who always had everything together. When he goes on a trip to Hawaii, he doesn’t end up coming home for five months. He comes home expecting everything to be the same, but everything has changed now, including him. He has dark secrets from Hawaii. He quit college and now he lives with his parents. He’s hooked on cocaine and partys every night with his friends. As he starts flashing back to Hawaii, he wants to change, but it’s easier said then done.

Sarah, Freshman