January 4, 2011

My Turn at Bat by Ted Williams

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The story ” My turn at bat ” is a great story for kids and or  people who are interested in baseball and or biography’s. In this story Ted Williams, the author and a great baseball player, tells his life as he played in the MLB. He reflects on his managerial career and the state of baseball and the players today.

The story tells his child hood days in San Diego, his military service, and also all the years he played baseball. This book really could have been a metaphor for something that doesn’t even have to do with the game of baseball but this book has to do with baseball.  Ted Williams is the only man to hit .400 in a season in this time period. This story is great because it tells the story through his eyes and what he sees on and off the field. So if u like story’s like that I recommend this book. It’s not to hard to read but I would say that kids 13 and up should read this book to fully understand it.

– Zac W., Class of 2014

The WHS Library owns My Turn at Bat.