January 20, 2011

My Brother Sam is Dead by James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier

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My brother Sam is Dead is about a boy (Sam) who comes from college in 1775 and announces to his family that he’s joining the Rebels to fight against the British. When his dad finds out the that he joined the rebels he was furious because his father was on the British’s side.
Sam’s brother Tim has no say in the argument because he claims that he’s a Quaker (a person who doesn’t believe in violent). The main character in this story is Sam and Tim.
If you are looking for a book that has drama, violence, and sadness this is the right book for you.

Abdi, Class of 2014

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January 7, 2011

Code Talker by Joseph Bruchac

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The book Code Talker was a very interesting book.  It is good for people who like stories that take place during World War II.  It is about how Navajo Marines helped the U.S. defeat Japan with the help of their language that was used as an unbreakable code.

The story is told by Ned Begay a Navajo who joined the U.S. Marines.  Begay like many Navajo children was sent to boarding school and encouraged to forget his native language and ways.  Then during WWII the U.S. Government discovered that the Navajo language could be used as a way to communicate that the Japanese could not decode.

The reader taken on a journey through many battles during WWII as seen through the eyes of Begay.  People who like stories about WWII and historical events will like this book. It is amazing to learn the details of the Navajo’s involvement in the war since it was kept secret from the end of the war until 1969.

– Ethan, Class of 2014

January 5, 2011

Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers

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This book is a great read for people with a military mind because it gives great detail. It makes the war seem real to you, so if you like the military or any realistic fiction books this would be a good book for you. This book is about a 17 year old man named Richie Perry who enlists in the army. This story takes place during the Vietnam War. Richie was put into a company where he was told he wouldn’t see much action but they were wrong, on the first day of patrol his best friend is killed by a land mine. After this Richie was not the same. His squad has gone through many squad leaders because they are killed in battle. This happens until Corporal Brunner is picked as squad leader and leads them into a mission to find a group of Vietcong. This mission results in a injuries to many of the squad and Richie being sent home.

Sam C., Class of 2014

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Soldier Boys by Dean Hughes

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Soldier boys is a book about WWII and the struggle of both sides, The Americans from Spencer’s point of view, and the Germans from Dieters point of view. Spencer is a 16 year old boy who doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life so he decides to drop out of school and go become a paratrooper. Dieter is a 15 year old German who has been in the Hitler youth sense he was a child He was just promoted and is drafted into the military and can’t wait to see battle. There worst fear would be that the war would end too soon.

I would recommend this book to anyone who like adventure and war. This book shows the struggles and obstacles two teenagers whose views are very different but also the same. They both want to return to there friends and family a hero. But one of them will not be returning.

Josh A., Class of 2014

April 2, 2010

Sunrise Over Fallujah by Walter Dean Myers

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I really like this book because it’s about a teenage boy and how he trains and how is acts over in Iraq. He tells you how to train for fighting over in Iraq and he tells us his life story when over there. I really recommend this book to the men and women who want to know how it feels like fighting over in Iraq and how they train you to do so. Once again I think it’s an amazing book and I couldn’t stop reading it!!!

Josh R., Class of 2010

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