March 20, 2008

Stray Dog by Kathe Koja

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Our first book review comes from Guy T., Grade 9. Thanks, Guy!

 If you like a book about animals and some suspense, StrayDog is the book for you.
This girl named Rachel has a hard time at school and does not fit in. After school she goes to work at the animal shelter. She asks her dad for a dog and her dad said no. Her parents thinks shes not responsible enough to own any pets.
When she’s at work, a stray dog comes in and she likes it a lot. She also wants it really badly.
She writes a paper called “A Dogs Life” and her teacher likes it so much that she asked Rachel to be in the writing finals.
Will she go to state finals?
Will she win and publish a book?
Will her dad let her get a dog?

Westbrook High School Library owns this book, so if you want to read it, come into the library to check it out.