May 19, 2010

Wings by Aprilynne Pike

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The story unfolds when high school sophomore Laurel Sewell wakes up one day to find something resembling wings growing forth from between her shoulder blades. With few friends, she manages to find herself torn between the only two people who know her secret. When a dangerous enemy appears on the scene, perhaps threatening both the safety of Laurel’s family as well as the faerie kingdom itself, both boys do their best to rush to Laurel’s rescue.

I liked this book because it was interesting from the beginning to the end. And I can relate to a lot of things Laurel feels in the book.

I’d recommend this book to teenage girls because it tells a story about a girl who is a normal teen going to high school. And teenage girls would be able to relate to some things Laurel deals with.

Melanie, Class of 2012

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Check out Melanie’s interview with the author of Wings, Aprilynne Pike.


May 7, 2010

Friday Night Lights by H.G. Brissinger

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This book is about a small town and their football team. The team just hired a black coach with very few black players. The coach has a divided team and has to unite them. He takes them up to a camp where they have to learn to work together.When they come back they are no longer accepted and have to win to get the town back on their side and have to learn to accept the whole team.


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The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier

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The chocolate war was a very interesting book. It wasn’t at all what I thought it was going to be about but it ended up being one of my all time favorite movies. It’s about a young boy who attends a private school that is run by a group of high school students that call themselves the Vigils. They give different assignments to different kids every week and see if they can carry out with them.

Austin W., Class of 2012

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May 6, 2010

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

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I liked the Lovely Bones because it was interesting. It kept you on the edge of your seat every time something happened. I couldn’t relate to the book. I got into the book so much that I felt like I was really in the book right next to Suzie looking down on her family like she was.

Austin W., Class of 2012

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The Assist by Neil Swidey

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the assist was a really good book and it really motivated me to try hard in all I do. I am fortunate I do not live in a place like these kids grew up in. It is a story about high school boys that deal with their problems on the court and off the court in their ghetto neighborhoods.

Kevin G., Class of 2013

Visit The Assist website.

May 5, 2010

Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist by Rachel Cohn & David Levithan

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this book is very good, the movie was even better, it is all about two strangers falling in love. its all about people that love the same music that start by not even knowing eachtoher and end up falling in love. its a very good book and i think you should read it, it shows alot about life and how love can even come with starangers.

Ashlee R., Class of 2013

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A Child Called it by Dave Pelzer

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I like the book A Child Called It because it showed how some people have to live their lives on a day to day basis.. the little boy David gets abused by his mother and and he still does all he can for her. She burns him and she beats him which shows that some people around the world have to live through this from day to day. i think this book demonstrates that people should  appreciate the life that they have because other people have it worse.

Aquawn A., Class of 2011

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A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks

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A Walk To Remember was one of best book that I have ever read.Once I started to read it I thought it was nothing like the movie. The movie made it look like Landon didn’t want to do anything he did, but in the book he did the things he did because he wanted to get into a good college. I think the book is a lot different from the movie.

Haley B., Class of 2012

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Eagle Strike by Anthony Horowitz

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This was my favorite book in 6th grade. It is about a kid named Alex Rider, a secret agent who walked around and said blight. In this book there is an intense car chase, a bullfight, and even have to survive as a human target in a video game. Once you are done you can go out and get the movie at blockbuster. The movie isn’t as good as the book but its still interesting to see how the director portrays the characters.

Alec H., Class of 2013

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It by Stephen King

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Stephen Kings IT is a great book and i would recommend this book to anyone who likes a long story.
The book isnt “scary” its long and excellent, but the movie isnt as good as the book but i still own the duluxe version.
i think everybody should read this book and watch the movie.
the beginning is a little slow but its worth it.

Roger B., Class of 2013

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